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I have been following the USDJPY, because last week, against my perspective (I said that market could achieve the 100 level), it had some problems to get 100, and worst, made a higher lower than previous higher. Theoretically, technically analysis says if price doesn’t break the previous higher or achieve the same level, we must … Continue reading

SPX REPORT 22-26/04/2013

  As we can see in the images above, the strategy worked in its completeness. In my opinion, the opening of the USA session was crucial to the unfolding of the pattern. As I said and after the confirmation, the appropriate strategy would be the follow of the trend, always with the red zone in … Continue reading

SPX WEEK PLAN 29/04/2013

This week, there are two patterns to highlight: the inverted H&S and the three push up. In my opinion, tomorrow we will know which of these will have impact during the week.    And then tomorrow if it does a minimum below 1576.50, my feeling will be of a bearish with targets in the zones … Continue reading


For me the eur/usd had an interesting close in last day (24 of April) not only for this, but it close with a hammer, in a support area and above 1.30 reference point. My forecast is that eur/usd is doing a 3 push up, made the first push to 1,31670 as you can see in the graphic. As I … Continue reading

SPX UPDATE 24/04/2013

If the market rejects the lows that are below the green area, maybe we will see a maximum, above 1583.80. So wait for that because my sentiment is of a bullish. This article doesn’t  excuse a reading of a discloser.


In the last 3 month’s, due to rigid and aggressive expansionary policy by Japanese government, yen increase more than 22%. I am pretty sure that yen go to 100, but it’s important care some attention to this zone because as we saw in the past, this zone is a important resistance, and worst, is a … Continue reading


As you can see, the market is doing a rectangle consolidation after a strong breakout of some importance resistances. Unfortunately, due to some instability and insecurity in Europe, I don’t have a big clue or a strong feeling about the future of EUR/USD, this in medium/long term. In short term, we must have some attention about breakouts. … Continue reading

SPX WEEK PLAN 22/04/2013

For this week my feeling goes to a bearish if it doesn’t make a maximum, above 1583.80, in cash. At the beginning of this week I can see a bullish pattern. The pattern says that on Monday if it makes a maximum, above 1557.84, the trend will be bullish and it will follow. This article … Continue reading