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EURUSD análise 25 april 2013.png daily viewUUP 25 DE ABRILorders 25 april eurusd

For me the eur/usd had an interesting close in last day (24 of April) not only for this, but it close with a hammer, in a support area and above 1.30 reference point. My forecast is that eur/usd is doing a 3 push up, made the first push to 1,31670 as you can see in the graphic. As I planned, after the market has done a solid rise, increase more than 3%, in less than 2 week, breaking an important resistance(1.30) the last 4 days were a correction of that move and consequently doing a retest. So, I think that eur/usd could go to 1.32700 (the next important resistance.)The UUP, represents the power or strength of the dollar. As we can see, UUP made a high lower than previous high and with some important sell volume. The UUP theoretically, has a negative correlation with eur/usd. So, we can see that, the UUP could fall, and this fact would help eur/usd to rise. So,my trading plan: entry point: long (1.29580);stop: 1.29020 (56 pips); targets: 1º: 1.3100 (142 pips) and 2º :1.32760 (318 pips).

This forecast go slightly against the previous analysis I already done about the future of EURUSD, although the previous post was about short period, like a week or a little more.This analyse doesn’t denie the previous one, only shows a different perspective.

This article doesn’t  excuse a reading of a discloser.



4 thoughts on “EURUSD DAILY VIEW 25/04/2013

  1. i’ve read this before, but still interesting.

    Posted by Marvin Draper | May 7, 2013, 5:02 am
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    • hello…

      Thanks for your comment. Fortunely, It has been good… if you have any question, contact me, no problem…
      sorry the late, but I just now saw your comment because it was marked as spam, and I didn’t see it.

      Posted by Frederico Menezes | May 21, 2013, 8:58 pm

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