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SPX DAYTRADE 31/05/2013

Tomorrow is the last day of the month. Range: with resistence in 1662-1665. This article doesn´t excuse a reading of a discloser. Advertisements


In this trade, my analysis is very simple because the graph doesn’t have much things to talk. In briefly view, Oscillators are oversold in important support in daily and weekly time frame, so I think that at least it could react and go to 0,98-0,99. This article doesn´t excuse a reading of a discloser.


For now, the most important support is the low of yesterday -1663.52. If market brake down, the next target will be 1650. This article doesn´t excuse a reading of a discloser.  

SPX WEEK PLAN 19/5/2013

This article doesn’t  excuse a reading of a discloser.

Markets are really stressful?

I have recently seen many people talking about stress in markets and how it sometimes shapes our life. I don’t agree. Lets start by focusing not in the meaning of stress but when it occurs. I know little or nothing about psychology. From what I have read, stress, in its simple form, occurs when we expect something … Continue reading


GBP/USD behaved as expected, it reacted in support at 1.52331-1.52176 in my buy zone, but it couldn’t go  to my target zone. For me, in this trade, I missed the target because I didn’t see the retest to 50 rsi, sell signal that stoch made and the fact that traders saw this move like 3 rd leg … Continue reading


I have following this cross in last 2 month’s, because it has showing an interesting recovery, doing a bull market in short/medium term. Unfortunately, today, it closed under an important support, at 1.53600 and broke 50 rsi level ( Daily view), and these facts are a strong bearish signal. So, in medium/long term I am actually a … Continue reading

A Discipline Trader

Today I will write about the importance of a discipline approach in trading and as emotions have impact on your performance when you are trading. To 2 month’s ago, I was talking with a friend that had began to trade not in financial market but on betting exchange ( it’s equal to the example) and I … Continue reading


When someone ask me about the future of EURUSD in medium/long term I can’t stay bearish, because if you see the 3rd graph,daily view, you can see that market never broke the 50 rsi level, that in my opinion represent in this moment the border of bullish/bearish market, however in short term, the UPP and … Continue reading

SPX WEEK PLAN 6/5/2013

For this week I hope a pullback until the green zone. In my point of view, after these two weeks of pulled bullish, the market will alleviate. This article doesn’t  excuse a reading of a discloser.