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GBPUSD 17 MAY 2013 REPORTGBPUSD 17 MAY 2013 REPORT.png 3GBP/USD behaved as expected, it reacted in support at 1.52331-1.52176 in my buy zone, but it couldn’t go  to my target zone. For me, in this trade, I missed the target because I didn’t see the retest to 50 rsi, sell signal that stoch made and the fact that traders saw this move like 3 rd leg of a 3 push up and not a double bottom… So, it was a mistake. I didn’t like the close today at all, it closed below last support with a ugly englufing although doing it a divergence on macd and rsi. I think that right now step into the market is a little risky, because is difficult forecast what the market can do although it could make an inverted H & S. Well let’s see…



2 thoughts on “GBPUSD DAILY REPORT 17/05/2013

  1. hello, thanks for your comment.
    I agree with you in medium/long term. in short term I think that we could go .1.53410-1.53829. doing a right shoulder of h&s in daily view…
    check UUP, it’s important
    sorry the late…

    Posted by Frederico Menezes | May 21, 2013, 12:22 am


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