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  Fortunately, GBPUSD did the move that I said,in previous week, closing the week near at 1.55315.So was a good trade.But the subject that brought me here, showing my forecast and the facts, was, that GBPUSD is doing almost the exactly movement/ pattern that EURUSD did in last 2 week’s, namely, 3 push up and … Continue reading


SHORT position: 1,57530;SL 1,57815;TP 1,55438-1,53864 I was expecting this movement since the beginning of August.It has a strong confluence are between weekly and daily charts. So reasons to my entry: – Fibo 61.8 ( of last high) -Important resistance with several touches, so the market probably will react as in the past. – correction in … Continue reading

GBPUSD 29/07/2013 H4 VIEW.

This article doesn´t excuse a reading of a discloser. although, I am showing a ending of trend ( Elliott’s wave theory), I think as well in EURUSD that we could go try a new high doing a consolidation rectangle. if  stopped out, wait for a pullback and open a new short’s at 1,51,960-1,52000 to close … Continue reading

USDJPY H4 VIEW 29/07/2013

I am have seeing in last month’s a huge correlation between Nikkei and this cross. In last week, Nikkei sell of due to bad economic results and reforms about monetary politic that bank of japan has been doing (analyst perspective not mine). So when USDJPY failed to achieve new high in last week and also … Continue reading

EURUSD H4 VIEW 29/07/2013

Last week of the month, I think that the last uptrend who lasted nearly 2 week finally could rest to achieve new high’s or maybe fall little bit at 1.30445-1.30619. I am opening long’s here near at 1,31851 because I think that even the uptrend are losing power, the market could go try the last … Continue reading

GBPUSD 21/07/2013 daily view

This article doesn´t excuse a reading of a discloser.


This article doesn´t excuse a reading of a discloser.  


In this trade, my analysis is very simple because the graph doesn’t have much things to talk. In briefly view, Oscillators are oversold in important support in daily and weekly time frame, so I think that at least it could react and go to 0,98-0,99. This article doesn´t excuse a reading of a discloser.


GBP/USD behaved as expected, it reacted in support at 1.52331-1.52176 in my buy zone, but it couldn’t go  to my target zone. For me, in this trade, I missed the target because I didn’t see the retest to 50 rsi, sell signal that stoch made and the fact that traders saw this move like 3 rd leg … Continue reading


I have following this cross in last 2 month’s, because it has showing an interesting recovery, doing a bull market in short/medium term. Unfortunately, today, it closed under an important support, at 1.53600 and broke 50 rsi level ( Daily view), and these facts are a strong bearish signal. So, in medium/long term I am actually a … Continue reading